Management Innovation

Human centered design for collaborative teams

What if organizations could serve people?

To be in a relationship means that we will eventually face conflicts. Instead of denying, avoiding, or managing conflicts afterwards, tensions could be part of the relational ecosystem we build everyday in our social and professional life.

Innovative management tools and methodologies

Gabriel Siqueira has always been intrigued by how groups can conciliate participation with effectiveness. Since 2001, he has been researching innovative management methodologies, and has specialized in developing collaborative tools for a sustainable future.

His life’s work has been to support organizations and people as they attempt to balance productivity, meaning, self actualization, autonomy and pragmatic horizontal decision making. Mr. Siqueira provides training and consultancy for companies, teams, and organizations. He’s a certified Dragon Dreaming trainer who integrates Sociocracy S3, Design Thinking, Non-Violent Communication, and Zegg Forum for community building within the methodology he offers.

Shine a light on your conflicts!